Thursday, 21 June 2012

CRT #2 Car

Following the team's decision to enter two cars into this year's eV Challenge, both entries teams have been plowing ahead with the design and manufacture of parts and chassis building. The #2 entry has a lot of catch up to do as the design phase is only just been completed, however due to new funds there has been no lack of material for trial and error. As this vehicle is also going to be entered into next years Perth Electric Endurance Race Series, based on the electrathon rules from America, both sets of rules and regulations must be adhered to. The picture, shown below, is of a simple sketch-up design that shows the #2 car's forward spaceframe estimated to weigh 7 kg.

More to come soon, and more updates on our FB page, just search for Coulomb Racing Technologies :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Garage Upgrade and Drivetrain Preparations

For all those following us on our FB page, you will have seen that we have been held up for the last month trying to get the vehicle welded up so that we have a rolling chassis. Last week we ordered a smaller, more competition specific 500W 36V motor from Oatley electronics along with many other miscellaneous electronics and also decided to upgrade our garage. We have painted the floor to look like a proper racing garage with gloss white paint and also added a new side bench increasing the work and storage space for us. You may be able to spot a slight difference between the before and after photos below :)

Our Back Bench - Before Upgrade

New Back Bench -After Upgrade

 Also our video of the 2010 eV challenge,, is currently sitting on 499 views, who wants to be the 500th?
Thanks all for your support and feel free to contact us on FB if you're interested in visiting the garage.

James and Peter

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Completed Front Body Work

Finally, 300+ holes later and only an extra 2.5 kilograms and the front monocoque is finished. Display panel is being built by Peter now and hopefully the frame will be welded up soon. Front wheels and steering to go on next... Please help spread the word and help us raise the money for our 6 kg weight reduction for the battery pack. Thank you all for your support, we have our first sponsor/advertiser, George's Bike Shop whose website can be found here: :)

Internal framework before top panel was added

Close up shot of 'Open' tub
6 Hours Later

Thursday, 12 April 2012

New Wheels have Arrived & Sponsorship Space

Finally the funds have been available for the purchase of 2 new 16" front wheels and the replacement of the hub in the back wheel. Many thanks to Georges Bike Shop Willetton, Perth for their continual support. With these new wheels we are back on track for a rolling chassis by mid May.
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Many special events and deals will be provided for those who follow our journey for the race in October.

One of the two cockpit sides of the eV, only about half the 150 holes drilled for weight loss have been done and that's only on this side. The holes will be covered by lighter weight sponsorship stickers and stickers carrying the names of those who participate in our FB promotion. Very time consuming process but well worth the effort.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

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Seat Molding

Currently in the workshop we have been re-designing the cockpit section of the go-kart. We have made the decision to sink the seat down in the frame. This creates a more ergonomic ride for the driver, and makes more space for the driver to make themselves comfortable in eg. bend their legs.
A plywood sheet will become the seat and seat-back, while the metal helps shape the wood and protects the driver if the seat breaks in a crash.

Central Beam being bent at each end

Central Longitudinal Beam in one piece with tape